A new aventure begins

This Patreon Page is a way to both help fund my projects, and bring you all into my world. You'll get a look into parts of my creative process, see regular Patron-only posts, hear some unreleased material that never made it out of my studio.

New album in preparation

R.E. has started his work of composition and recording for the next album. This will be the occasion for new musical explorations. Indeed Fabien Nicault has decided to offer us a work whose inspirations will be drawn largely from medieval art. R.E. is also working to prepare new concerts in France by the end of the year, if COVID permits. This will be the opportunity to hear a preview of extracts from this new album.

Wave Gothic Treffen 2020

Wave Gothic Treffen

Regard Extrême is pleased to take part in the famous Dark Wave Gothic Treffen 2020 festival. This will take place in Leipzig. Prestigious groups such as Einsturzende Neubauten, Clan Of Xymox, Laibach, Collection D'Arnell-Andrea, ... will also be there.

Concert Paris 2019

The concert of December 13 took place. Despite the strikes which unfortunately prevented some from coming. Some made me the friendship to come from very far and it was an opportunity to see longtime friends of Tours. A very emotional moment. The organizer, Vincent Glaume of "Au delà du Silence" did a awesome job and I thank him for that. He placed me in remarkable conditions to make this comeback on stage. Thanks to Jean Yves Millet of "Cent Ans de Solitudes" for his help during the preparation of the concert and also for the live videos he took. Thank you to all my friends and Fans !!

New Site Created

Welcome to the Brand new Regard Extrême Official Site. For multiple reason we had to build this new Site. Firstly security reason. Also it is important to build a large database related to R.E. activities. Also keep you informed and share with you everything that could be interesting. Thank you for your loyalty and see you soon ...